The Denver Brass

denver brass

The Denver Brass was founded in 1981 by Kathy and Chuck Brantigan, as an all-new, one-of-a-kind brass chamber ensemble which would be in the forefront of performance, entertainment, commissions and education.  Today, The Denver Brass is an elite ensemble recognized throughout the U.S. and the world as one of the premier ensembles of its kind – setting itself apart through its sound, original repertoire, recordings and concert productions.

With 14 world-class musicians, The Denver Brass performs its own original compositions and arrangements and reaches 60,000+ persons annually through more than 150 concerts and outreach services.  The ensemble has more than 30 recordings and is heard daily on radio stations throughout the world.  We work diligently and methodically to increase outreach and exposure, not just to be heard or appreciated, but to provide inspiration, pleasure, and sustenance to as many people as possible.

The trademark sound of The Denver Brass features a dazzling array of more than 13 distinct brass instruments plus percussion, utilizing mutes, technique and sound expertise to produce a rainbow of sound phenomena – not a band, not an orchestra, an entirely new sound.  Originally a classically-oriented ensemble, today we feature a musical palate as diverse as the culture of the western US to present a sound experience that makes an impression long past the final chord of the concert.

People from every background find inspiration in diverse programming – classical, jazz, Broadway, Latin, multi-cultural fusions, and new sound sensations created by brass with bagpipes, steel drums, hand-bells, fiddles, voices, and a variety of distinguished soloists. “Shows,” instead of “concerts,” are carefully designed to enhance the listening experience through strong concert themes and story lines, character hosts, guests from a wide variety of artistic genre, and theatrical lighting, staging, and multi-media techniques.

The Denver Brass is also unique in the world for its cohesive and enthusiastic team.  Musicians are selected not only for exceptional technical and creative skills, but also for their integrity, dedication to community, and support of fellow musicians and mission. In addition to remarkable musicians, our team boasts a creative and resourceful staff, forward-thinking Board, large and dedicated volunteer core, and creative artists engaged in new music composition, story line, choreography, and state-of-the art lighting and staging.  The Denver Brass received the Mayor’s Award for Excellence in the Arts in 2008.