Organs in Mexico

This presentation will center around Susi’s work in Mexico, Bolivia and Denver, emphasizing the importance of community involvement in restoration projects.  There will be plenty of lovely organ photos, funny stories, and interesting historical facts about the building of organs in colonial Mexico.  We will discuss various philosophies of organ restoration as well as the practical challenges of restoring organs in developing economies and poverty-ridden communities.

Susan Tattersahall

Susi Tattershall trained as an organ builder in Canada, Switzerland, Spain, Italy and Austria. Attracted to the Spanish organbuilding traditions, Susi then forged a career restoring organs in Mexico, with an emphasis on involving the community in the restoration process. Additionally, she has teamed with Cicely Winter, to document all organs of Oaxaca, and more recently has installed 3 American-built organs in Bolivia.  She lives in Denver, and headed the restoration of the 1869 E. & G.G. Hook organ for St. John’s Episcopal Cathedral (now located in Holy Comforter Church, Broomfield).  A community-based project, the restoration involved coordinating 1,400 hours of volunteer work as well. Now retired from her day job as a paralegal, Susi is devoting her time to restoring her own instrument collection, continuing her work in Bolivia, and learning to play the violin.