ascension 3

2009 Murphy

29 ranks / 2 manuals

Great Swell Pedal
16′ Gedeckt (Sw) 16′ Gedeckt 32′ Resultant
8′ Principal* 8′ Diapason 16′ Contra Bass
8′ Bourdon 8′ Rohrflute 16′ Subbass
8′ Harmonic Flute 8′ Viola Pomposa 16′ Gedeckt (Sw)
8′ Viola Pomposa (Sw) 8′ Viola Celeste 8′ Principal
8′ Viola Celeste (Sw) 4′ Principal 8′ Subbass
4′ Octave 4′ Flute Traverso 8′ Bourdon (Gt)
4′ Nachthorn 2′ Flageolet 8′ Viola (Sw)
2 2/3′ Twelfth 1 1/3′ Larigot 4′ Principal
2′ Fifteenth III Plein Jeu 2′ 4′ Flute (Gt)
1 3/5′ Tierce t.c. 16′ Bassoon 16′ Posaune
IV Mixture 8′ Trompette 16′ Bassoon (Sw)
16′ Bassoon (Sw) 8′ Oboe 8′ Trumpet (Gt)
8′ Trumpet 4′ Clarion 4’ Clarion (Gt)
8′ Clarinet (Sw) Tremulant

In early 2008, the Organ Task Force of The Church of the Ascension, Denver, CO, chose Patrick J. Murphy & Associates to design and build a new organ for their active congregation. This selection committee included Ms. Patti Chandler, Chair; Ms. Lucia Cowperthwaite; Mr. Lee Johnstons, esq.; Ms. Molly Martin; Mr. Bob Riegel; Ms. Alice Bosworth; Mr. Greg Larsen, Organist and the Reverend James Harlan, Rector. This vibrant congregation reflects its neighborhood and represents a wonderful mix of older singles and couples, families with children, and young adults.

The new Patrick J. Murphy & Assoc. Opus 52 instrument, which was installed in the summer of 2009, replaced a circa 1912 Hall pipe organ. The new organ consists of 2 manuals, 24 stops, 29 ranks, and includes Blackinton-style electric slider windchests, and a multi function Peterson ICS-4000 control system incorporated into our signature low profile vertical drawknob movable console.

The new organ façade at Church of the Ascension incorporates a wood carving depicting the Ascension of Christ created by Arnold Ronnebeck in 1931. PJM designer Frank Friemel, incorporated this carving as an architectural element within the new design as shown in the picture below. The room was also remodeled and upgraded to provide improved acoustics and lighting to enhance the worship experience at the Church of the Ascension.