Martin Ott

26 Ranks/ 2 Manual

Opus 57
Year of Commission 1989

The red oak organ case is free standing. The keydesk is attached. This tracker organ use a suspended mechanical key action.

The commission for this instrument was received at the early planning stage of the new sanctuary. Working from the beginning with the architect and the acoustician Robert F. Mahoney and Associates was a successful arrangement.

The floor plan of this all brick sanctuary is rectangular. The congregational seating area is wider than it is deep. The choir, musician and instruments are placed along the left sidewall of the altar. The projection of sound is enhanced, by having the mortar joints behind the musicians flush with the brick surface. Sidewall areas, which do not need to be sound reflective, have extruded brickwork with deep mortar joints. This method avoids sound flatter between corresponding walls.

22 stops | 26 ranks
Mechanical key and stop action